When Their Footsteps Lead To Heaven

One of the most difficult times of life is to experience the loss of someone that is so special to our hearts. Whether it be a parent, a child, a close friend or a spouse, no other dealing of life is quite so difficult. It is not only death that takes away those we love. It can also happen by divorce, by relocation, and by estrangement. Whatever the case, a loss is a loss no matter what brings it about, and it is God alone who can touch those hollow places that the person’s absence has carved into our hearts.

“Weeping may endure for a night, but Joy comes in the morning” Psalms 30:5

My Father’s Arm
By Sondra Stallman

Lord, I have no strength
I can see memories as they flash before my eyes.
I can see myself running and playing with my children.
I can see my garden and my parents.
I can see my family gathered round the dinner table
One more time.
All of them.
THIS is who I am , Lord!
THIS is the person that I see!

Lord, where am I now?

These are strange and deep waters.
These are different currents.

What has happened, Lord, that I should be so changed?
What has come upon me that my memories come up like the Sun
Every day?

I have changed but so have they.
Now, I see my children but I wonder..
Do they see me?
Do they KNOW me?
Do they question also?
Have they talked to you?

God, I have no strength.
I do not know how to swim in these waters.

All I have is you.

Let your great arm swiftly move and fall beneath
My weakened frame.
Let me lean upon you this hour
And lie in the curve of
My Father’s Arm.

Heaven’s Light
By Sondra Stallman

There is a night so deep and holy
Where the shards of memory run
Where the quiet light of Heaven glows
And Angels’ songs are sung.

There is a glory that comes shining
Through the pain of giving birth
And the stars unite in glowing
Sending Heaven’s Light to Earth.

All we are and all we can be
In all the years to come
Shall be birthed in Heaven’s Light
When the moon shines as the Sun.

When the Savior born in glory
So decides to rule and reign
And we each have lived our story,
All the laughter, all the pain,

When the boundaries fall away,
And our souls to Him arise
We will see and know each other
Through our Father’s Holy Eyes.

And the darkness shall dissolve
Like a banner rolled away
The cloak of night
Will sure descend and
Give place to the day.

We shall not know a tear
We shall not know a night
But stand in Holy Fear
Before the Lamb,
Heaven’s Light.

By Sondra Stallman ( poetry from II Cor. 5:8)

I turn and walk down a corridor.
Even though it is a strange and different place, I am not afraid to walk it.
There is a deep quiet here, like a hush and a soft sound of singing.
Everything has gone white. I am in a Most Awesome Presence.
There is no time nor space.
The Presence is all encompassing.
There is no “air” as I know it, yet I care not.
I am still. I feel no need at all.
No hunger. No thirst. I’m not tired.
The greatest change within me is the total lack of desire to utter a single word.
My thoughts seem to have stopped.

It is like I am floating. I have always been very conscious of my “self”….my “body”….my “thoughts”,
my perception of things around me! In this place, I am utterly emptied of “self.”
My awareness is keen, however, of the Presence that is everywhere.
It is a Peace so deep it sustains all things that come near.
I feel as if I’ve been shot into the very center of a hot and burning star.
I can feel the energy that is creating and re creating every milli second.

There is a distant sound of song, as if miles away.
Voices that sound like velvet feels
Are floating past me.

I linger before the songs. I reach out.
I can touch them with my finger.
I can TOUCH the SONGS!

Suddenly,it seems that the SONGS are INSIDE ME!

The light is bright and deep and all wrapped up in the songs.

I see no one
I feel only Ecstasy.

I know of no other place.
I know nothing but the Love
And The Light.

Will never

II Cor. 5:8…”to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord.”

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